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the Emerging Church

On Sunday I will be going to church with my old youth group leader... the church is called the Hot Metal Bridge Church, and it is based on Emerging Theology, my new obsession. What is ‘Emerging Church’? Summarized from Open Source Theology
  1. A reaction against recent evangelicalism – ‘post-evangelical.’
  2. The Emerging Church is the shift in Christianity catalyzed by the wider cultures’ shift from modernim to post-modernism, “from objectivism to relativism, from certainty to doubt, from singularity to plurality, from Story to stories.”
  3. It’s gathering momentum, but doesn’t have a strong sense of identity yet. It means different things to different people: do Christians worship differently, commune differently, abandon structure?
  4. The Emerging Church is suspicious of controlling structures in religious life and thought. (church hierarchy, dominant cultural forms, doctrinal formulations, etc.)
  5. Emphasis is placed on relational paradigms as the basis for Christian activity, on “inclusivity,” and “liquid” expressions of community.
  6. Seeks a more holistic spirituality and wider engagement in the public sphere. This means exploring a broader spectrum of Christian traditions, and social activism encompassing more than evangelism.
for more info: Emergent Village, Eternal Purpose,
another take from a blog of someone who's not an evangelical.
Emergent Theology in Pittsburgh
A google on Grand Rapids & Emergent Theology will probably bring you a Christianity Today articleabout Mars Hill. Some others disagree vehemently with calling Mars Hill an emerging church. I tend to agree with them.  (That last link has a bizarre Real Conversation about Pudding, just so you know.) A less controversial West Michigan Emerging Theology blog exists, also.
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