Declaration of Invitation

Okay.  I've decided.  I'm gonna do it.  Coming Summer 2007:
Camp Eastern...WEST!

Possible ideas: hippie hill, california cuisine, activist workshops, free concerts, group games on the beach, site-seeing scavenger hunt, hiking and biking in Marin,  readings from the Berkeley Psychic Institute.

Brochures won't be out for another like, 6 months.  If you have ideas or input for the date, time frame, activities, rules, etc. let me know.
Remember Camp Eastern...EAST!  of 2005 here.  If you have pictures from that event, please get them to me somehow.
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FBI Keeps Watch on Activists

Los Angeles Times - March 27, 2006 
Antiwar, other groups are monitored to curb violence, not because of ideology, agency says. 

*by Nicholas Riccardi*
DENVER — The FBI, while waging a highly publicized war against terrorism, has spent resources gathering information on antiwar and environmental protesters and on activists who feed vegetarian meals to the homeless, the agency's internal memos show.
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I couldn't decide tonight between eating old-world style potato pierogies with lots of butter and onion or chili samosas... I decided on samosas and am so excited about them, I wanted to share the joy.

What is your favourite type of potato? How many different ways have you had it? Is there a kind of potato you don't want to have? A variety of potato you feel strongly about?

Oh, the potato.
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could they be any stupider, folks?

okay. seriously, this has to be the most CONCRETE example of just how *moronic the "religious right" can be...


or read my favourite excerpt--- Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention, the biggest Christian denomination in the US, and a friend of President Bush, says the science [on global warming] remains inconclusive.

"You have to be careful that you don't speak for a consensus before a consensus is formed," he said.

"Among American evangelicals there is no consensus about the causes of global warming, severity of global warming, or the solutions to global warming."


Define This! .01

So, I've been mulling this idea over in my head. Some words seem to be more culturally defined than Webster's tends to lead us to believe. Some words' definitions seem to change between every individual you talk to. So, I thought, how about I begin compiling definitions? Words like good, evil, feminine, etc. It could be like a "Word of the Day" thing, except without the regular schedule part. So, here I go...

The Rules: Don't read anyone else's definitions before you post your own. Do not consult any sources of any kind other than what you believe the word or phrase means to you. Only one word or phrase will be given at a time, so as to minimize cross-contamination of definitions. :3