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not losing my people is love
10 year reunions, 6th birthday parties, accents, acting, activism, africa, alternative energy, alternative medicine, amélie, animal rights, anime, anne lamott, apples to apples, art, asia, awareness, balsamic vinegar, banter, ben folds, bible the musical, books, breast painting, buddhism, calvin college, camp eastern, camping, charlie kauffman, cheese, chocolate, chopsticks, christianity, christmas techno music, christopher guest, coffee, coloured pencil, community, cooking, costumes, cuddling, david sedaris, discussion, donnie darko, down with love, drawing, earth, economics, environmentalism, equality, europe, exuality, fair trade, feminism, foreign food, foreign languages, forgiveness, forgiving, friends, gaia, gandhi, germany, glbtq rights, global community, grand rapids, grassroots movements, guinness, guster, healthy living, helping others, history, hope, hugs, human rights, ideas, incense, independent media, international affairs, into the woods, ireland, japan, jesus, judaism, justice, kindness, knowledge, laughter, learning, libraries, localization, lord of the rings, love, making a difference, manischewitz, moulin rouge, mountains, music, neale donald walsch, new rules, non-violence, not losing my people, openess, opinions, organic, palestine, pamoja, paper slip games, peace, peace corps, penny-arcade, philosophy, pittsburgh, poetry, political awareness, politics, public policy, public transportation, quakerism, reading, religion, religious tolerance, roleplaying, sarcasm, seattle, sex, sex and the city, sincerity, slam poetry, sleeping, social justice, sojourners, south america, soy, spirituality, sustainability, tea, the enneagram, the muppets, theatre, this american life, u2, unity, vegetarianism, volunteering, wendell berry, wes anderson, wit, woods, writing